Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's all about track and running lately.. Julianne is loving her last few meets before state.. she's be competeing in the 2 mile.. ( in 11:28 or so I should know this but I'm sure she'll correct me if it is off .. her goal is to run it in 11:15) Chris has just started track at Farmington Junior and runs the one mile ( in five minutes, but hopes to drop to 4 something soon!)
Josh loves to get ready with me in the morning.. so when we weren't looking one evening he thought he would try out the mascara...looks pretty good!!

Easter at Grandma Wirthlin's House.. Julianne was running in Arcadia Calf... so she wasn't there.

Chris had a great season and took first in district beating out the one opponent who beat him this season. he was very excited and relieved to have one first.

Josh is such a funny boy, He will tell you what he is thinking all the time... in teenage slang: like "Hey man, what cha doing?"- One of his favorite phrases is "I go?" He always wants to be with the big kids.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Chris took first place in District.. He beat Cameron ( who was the only one who beat him during the season)

Julianne at prom with her friend( and the boy next door) Mathius
. They had great time!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chris wrestling at Milcreek

This was a great match that ended very poorly for Chris's opponent. He ended up injured because he landed on his arm funny.. which was very sad, but really Chris did a super job.

wanna buy our house?

Let anyone you know who is in the market to buy a house.. ours is ready ... we will be moving on the 1st of April.. but really if you know anyone please pass on the info.- or if you don't know anyone who is in the market just pray for us.. we would really like to only have one home:)